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Although keeping two Axolotls in the same tank is completely acceptable, keeping more of them is not so much. If your dream is to keep a lot of them in one tank, then this is going to be bad news for you. We recommend you to try with two at first until you figure out their needs and get used to them.

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Axolotls also do not mind being housed alone or with other Axolotls. Male and female Axolotls can be housed together and will get along, as well as males with males, and females with females. However, it is not recommended to house male and female Axolotls together unless you are prepared to breed your Axolotls.

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Axolotl larvae never all grow at the same rate, so when it is time to divide them up, be sure to put similarly sized animals together. If mixed sizes are housed together, larger ones will try to eat the smaller ones.

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If you want to keep more than one axolotl, you will add 10 gallons or more per axolotl—the more space, the better. So for two, you want at least a 30-gallon long tank. (In case you're wondering, most pet stores do carry both types: standard and long.)

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Multiple Axolotls housed together will require their own territory. While they are peaceful animals, and both genders cohabitate well with each other, there may be occasional nips, accidental bites, or breeding scuffles in a tank environment.

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One or two axolotls of about the same size can be kept in the same tank but make sure there is plenty of room for the animals to move about. An axolotl sheltering in a flower pot shelter in its tank. ©Getty Images

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Plus, they are readily accepted by Axolotls just like bloodworms and they come in cube form or bricks. If using cubes, place the frozen cube in a cup with a small amount of dechlorinated water from the Axolotls tank. Wait for the cube to thaw and pour food in tank.

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As long as your axolotls are pretty much the same size, are well-fed, are the same sex, and have plenty of room in their tank, there should be no need to worry about them being so close together. When to Worry

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They normally move slowly with their primitive limbs, but can swim off quickly when disturbed. For respiration, they have rudimentary gills which are periodically flicked, primitive lungs and are able to exchange gas through their skin. They are not territorial and can be housed in mixed-sex groups.